You no longer need to leave your home to experience one of our fun and creative escape games!  With our Valentines themed game, we have brought the same level of challenging escape room puzzles and mixed it with a whole new way of playing!  With our play-at-home game, you will use a combination of printed material, along with our online game web portal, to solve a set of ten interactive puzzles. 

This game is suitable for all ages.  Difficulty of puzzles may vary depending on the group.  Hints are available on screen if needed.


You will only need access to a printer before starting the game to print the required material, you will not need a printer once you start the game. Access to a computer is required in order to play this game from home!

Purchasing of this game entitles you to seven (7) days access to the online game web portal, starting on the date of purchase.  After the seven days, you will no longer have access to the game.


You have been conditionally accepted into Cupid’s School Of Valentines.  Graduating from this special school will mean you have the skills and training required to become a Cupprentice (Cupid Apprentice).  In this role, you would be responsible for finding suitable candidates for Cupid to help fall in love on Valentine’s Day with the help of his magical arrows. In order for your acceptance to be finalized, you must complete one final exam, consisting of ten themed puzzles.  This exam will test all the necessary skills you will need in order to successfully become a Cupprentice!



This game requires access to a computer/tablet during the game and the ability to print in advance of playing the game.  Puzzles will be both hands-on, as well as digital (or a combination of both).  Here are a few other details you will want to know!

The following items will be needed or are recommended when playing: computer/tablet, printer, scissors, colouring pencils/markers, pencil/pen, tape (optional), calculator (optional).  Upon purchase of the game, you will receive an email with further instructions as to how to begin play!


By definition, this is not exactly an escape room in the sense you are not actually trying to escape a room.  That being said, the premise is the exact same!  You are going to need to solve some puzzles, one leading to the next, in order to finish the game!

If it's your first time trying an escape room or similar type of online puzzle, we've prepared a small little sample puzzle for you to try out and see if you can get the hang of it.  If you are experienced, you consider this a warm-up for the real thing!

AdobeStock_314875511 (1) [Converted].png

If you have already purchased this game and would like to start playing, either click on the link provided in the confirmation email you received, or click on the button below (you will need to login to access this page)

Frequently Asked Questions




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